Today is the day

Today is the Day | 今天 Today is the day  (Published by China Times Publishing 時報出版 in Taiwan, 2021)

This 40-page picturebook is about gentrification, inspired by the story of Enid Jones, a 58-year-old Welsh lady who lost her house to a supermarket. The book combines different mediums to create rich yet gentle illustrations with a metaphorical way of storytelling.

– colored pencil, gouache, collage

2022 The BRAW Amazing Bookshelf by Bologna Children’s Book Fair / Selected                                                               2021 A Well Designed Book-Let’s Start With Children / First Prize                                                                                  2019 3×3 Illustration Awards / Honorable Mention
2019 The Macmillan Prize / Highly Commended
2019 Creative Conscience Awards / Shortlisted