Our Home (dummy)

Our Home

A heartwarming bedtime tale sparks imagination, celebrate friendship, and wraps readers in a cozy embrace. With its charming characters and enchanting adventures, this book is perfect for families seeking heartening moments before lights out.

Our home is a 36-page picturebook revolves around the theme of belonging and oneness in all lives. Led by the girl Ewoh and her little pet Homu the gecko, as they wonder what home can be, they embark on a adventure visiting homes of various other beings, from their room to the city, from day to night, and realizing that home is found in each other. 

The name Ewoh is “Home” in reverse, the gecko is a symbol of home, and the word gecko in Mandarin literally means “stay at home”. The story was originally written in Mandarin with melodic rhythm, suitable for kids age 4-7 in 237 words. It’s painted by gouache and edited digitally.

It is my first stempt to include some games in the book, the inner book jacket is also the map of the story.

Full text

  • And so the Prince and Princess lived happily ever after. /  Not again, can’t they live elsewhere? Am I right, Homu?
  • HOMU——!!!Why are you in other’s home again?
  • Look! The one on the far left on the second row is Mimi’s home.
  • The box paved by branches is your home. The cookie box is baby me’s home. The wall is home to artworks, the hook is home to the pot, the ladle, and the spatula, the socket below the pot the ladle and the spatula is home to the ants.
  • The vegetables are home to the current worms, the soil might be home to the future worms.
  • The pothole is home to the rain.
  • The house with the red door is home to my best friend, the eaves of the house is also the home to the sparrows.
  • The tree trunk down here is vine’s home; the trunk up there is cicada’s home; the gap between leaves is wind’s home.
  • The peachy sky is kites’ home.
  • Under the street light in the dark is the home to shadows, pluck up the courage and keep walking will lead to the home of lights.
  • The brightly lighted room is our home after a day out adventure. The stars in the sky are gandpa and grandma’s home; the graph paper is the home to the goodnight poem I Wrote for them.
  • Your curvy smile is my home. Your squinting eyes are my home.
  • My home is where you are. Where you are is my home.Goodnight, Homu. Goodnight, Ewoh.